Twyman Enterprises LLC is a privately held real estate investment, development and management company based in Lanham, Maryland.

The company is managed by real estate industry veterans who have developed and acquired assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars across all property classes.

The company is committed to enriching the lives of the communities it operates in through the development of affordable housing and championing real estate development while preserving nature and existing communities.


Respect, integrity and excellence

Twyman Enterprises is built with respect, integrity and excellence as its foundation. These principles have guided the company since inception and continue to be part of its culture and success every day.

Customer satisfaction

Serving others is a passion at Twyman Enterprises LLC. They respond in a timely, fair and friendly manner to all customers and meet all client needs with a sense of personal touch.


Twyman believes in making a difference and embracing new challenges. In the same spirit, the company strives to contribute positively to the community and being good stewards of the environment.


Twyman has been able to adapt to dynamic, and sometimes challenging market conditions, thanks to their disciplined and conservative policy to investing in assets, combined with a hands-on and focused management tactic.  As a result, the company now boasts of successfully generating market-leading, risk-adjusted returns through accelerated and continuous growth of every product. Regardless of the greater market cycles.

The DC area teems with older, architecturally significant properties often in deplorable conditions. Twyman identifies, purchases and restores these undervalued properties at the lowest possible costs.

Thanks to their deep knowledge of the Greater Maryland and Washington DC regions, as well as well-tested investment strategies, they have been able to acquire valuable properties in core neighborhoods at convincing prices for their clients.

More importantly, they provide quality housing for first-time home buyers that meets the needs of most discerning investors and residents at lower overall costs.

Since opening, the company has progressed vastly in terms of services and scope, to become a leading property investor, developer and manager throughout Maryland and Washington, DC areas.