Twyman Enterprises LLC is committed to making real estate investment more accessible to individual investors through a diversified portfolio of affordable, yet profitable real estate investment products. These include:


Currently, millennials make up the largest segment of first-time home buyers and according to experts, this trend will continue throughout the next decade, as their housing needs adjust.

Millennials are expected to account for 45% of total mortgages, compared to 37% of generation Xers and only 17% of baby boomers in 2019.

One of Twyman’s biggest advantage is an intimate knowledge of the real estate market in the Clinton, Maryland area. The region is filled with architecturally significant properties that can be turned into beautiful first-time homes at very low renovation costs.


According to National real estate forecasts, demand for rental properties is likely to stay strong in the next coming years thanks to demand from millennials.

Millennials currently form the largest group of people in history and most are yet to reach their prime home-buying years, which means they will still be forced to rent for at least the next 5 years.

According to Terrazas, higher home prices in the market, which has been the trend, will continue to limit the number of potential buyers who can afford them. Therefore, potential buyers are likely to continue to rent. On the other hand, the continuous growth in the number of apartments across the country will prevent rent from surpassing income growth by too big a margin.


Twyman has a broad portfolio that tells their story best. To date, they have acquired and developed hundreds of properties which were later sold for profit.

Relying on their in-depth knowledge of the Greater Baltimore real estate market and on its talented professional team, Twyman is well-positioned (poised) to acquire properties quicker and more affordably than its competitors.


For families with financial challenges, finding a place to live is not always easy. Many spend more than their monthly income on rent, yet still live in squalid conditions.

The U.S. has offered housing assistance programs ever since the Great Depression. One of the most popular is known as “Section 8” which offers people affordable housing as well as great opportunities for real estate investors.

Twyman Enterprises LLC offers investors the opportunity to buy real estate that will be acquired, developed and rented out – with the possibility of receiving approval for Section 8 tenancy.

Considering the way the real estate market in Maryland and the surrounding areas is set up, the risks of this opportunity are considered to be very low.

Demand for rental properties has been rising consistently to an all-time high and there are many people on the list waiting for Section 8 tenancy – which increases the chances of rapid occupation of newly renovated houses.

Throughout the years, the inventory of affordable housing has reduced steadily while the demand has been increasing. With this investment, Twyman seeks to bridge this gap by making quality housing accessible.


In general, it is affordable to buy a condo compared to a single-family home around the Greater Baltimore area. Furthermore, condos are often located in desirable locations, providing tenants/buyers with an attractive lifestyle.

Though Twyman Enterprise gets hundreds of opportunities for such properties every year, they only focus on deals that fit their stringent investment criteria and ones that will yield the highest returns.

As a result of their knowledge, condos form represent of the most profitable and low-risk investment option in Clinton, Baltimore and Washington, DC real estate markets.